Water is the most important natural resource of our planet and the water quality should be a concern for all of us. We have common waterbodies with our neighbours. Gauja/Koiva and Salaca/Salatsi river basins form the transboundary water bodies which are shared between Latvia and Estonia. It is essential that both countries jointly contribute to improvement of the status of waters. To achieve this objective, both countries, Estonia and Latvia, should establish sustainable and economically efficient water use for trans-boundary river basins Gauja/Koiva and Salaca/Salatsi improving cooperation between the countries on water issues. To support this, based on information and knowledge exchange activities, revised water body status assessments, economic analysis and public consultations, the joint monitoring programme, assessment of pressures and the action plan of measures must be developed for the trans-boundary river basins. All above-mentioned form the basis for sustainable cooperation between the countries to improve the quality of water environment.