24 months, March 2018 – February 2020

Project budget

410 256 €

Financed by ERDF

348 717,60 €

Co-financed by partners

61 538,40 €

About program

The Estonia-Latvia programme is one of the 60 cross-border cooperation programmes operating along EU internal borders. The programme is funded under the goal of the European Territorial Cooperation, better known as Interreg, and aims at strenghtening cooperation among regions across the borders of Estonia and Latvia. 35 million euros are made available by the European Regional Development Fund for funding cooperation projects among Estonian and Latvian partner organizations. The Estonia-Latvia programme is a continuation of the 2007-2013 cross-border cooperation programme.

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About this Project

Both countries, Estonia and Latvia, should establish economically efficient water use for trans-boundary river basins Gauja/Koiva and Salaca/Salatsi improving cooperation between the countries on water issues. To support this, based on information and knowledge exchange activities, revised water body status assessments, economic analysis and public consultations, the joint monitoring programme and the action plan of measures will be developed for the trans-boundary water bodies. They will form basis for sustainable cooperation between the countries in the implementation of them in the future.

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The common interest of the partners is to implement close cooperation between the Estonian and Latvian authorities involved in the River Basin Management Planning to improve efficiency of management of the common water resources. According to Water Framework Directive requirements EU member states should develop common trans-boundary river basin management plans. Implementing activities planned in this project both countries will elaborate common part of assessments and measures for trans-boundary water bodies of Gauja/Koiva and Salaca/Salatsi river basins.

Project has 7 partners, 3 from Latvia and 4 from Estonia. The wide expertise of the partners is crucial in this project.

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